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5 Tips To Work or Study From Home

Until recently, quite unfamiliar for many professionals, remote work these days tends to become the new norm – at least for those who can afford it. The aim is to limit direct social interactions as much as possible, in the context of the unrest created by the spread of the COVID virus 19.

Although it may sound very attractive, at least under normal economic conditions, this method of working is not as simple as it may seem at first glance (or “hearing”). It comes “packaged” with some specific challenges, the management of which will require some effort on your part.

1. Create a special workspace
This would be the first step in ensuring an efficient activity from home – and all the more so since you have never faced this requirement before. Of course, the ideal option would be to have your own office, already arranged. However, there are solutions for those who do not have such a thing. A special work area can also be created inside another room of the house – without turning it, in fact, into an office, but rather into a multi-functional space.

The best option in this regard would, of course, be the living room (or living room) – or, in any case, a different space from the one intended for rest. (In general, the bedroom should be protected from electronic equipment, especially at night.) If you live in a studio, try to arrange a corner of the room where you have a small desk (or table) for the computer.

2. Ensure a minimum of comfort
If you have never worked from home before, there is a good chance that you will not have the right furniture to spend more time in front of your PC or laptop. Important in this regard would be not only the desk itself (which can be replaced, at least temporarily, by a table of adequate height), but especially the chair on which you will sit. While working at the company headquarters, you may not have realized that a comfortable chair, specially designed for the office, can save you a lot of hassle – and especially back pain.

The good news is that, at the moment, furniture retailers present on the domestic market continue to make online sales – and a courier service can bring the desired products to your door, in just a few days.

3. Organize and customize
You may already have an office in the house, but so far you have not used it specifically to perform your duties. You would like to organize, as much as possible, your work area as efficiently as possible, giving up objects that are not strictly necessary for your activity. In addition, personalizing this space with the help of decorations or accessories can make your work more enjoyable – a picture of nature or a plant can help you relax and have more fun in what you do.

If your office is located in a common or multi-functional space and you want more privacy, you can opt for a visual delimitation of the work area. You can do this with a room divider – or even a screen.

4. Prepare for video meetings as well
Working from home, many of us will probably be in the position to participate in online meetings – some of which are video. For this, the office should be positioned in an optimal area of the house. For some, the ideal option may be to have a free, unfurnished wall in the back. Others, however, can be open to offering a perspective on a room in their own home, without feeling it as an intrusion into personal life. It should be noted that the office should have access to natural light, but it should come from somewhere behind the computer (or from the side) – and not fall directly on the monitor.

5. Set a schedule – and don’t forget to log out!
We are, of course, different – and this is also felt when it comes to teleworking . Some may feel motivated by the flexibility of the work schedule, while others, on the contrary, may feel disoriented and upset by the loss of the feeling of a daily routine. Especially if you fall into the latter category, it would be ideal to establish a work schedule – it can be close to the pace of your normal activity, but also adapted to the new situation.

At the moment, the continuity of work, including from a distance, is an important point of support – and this not only from a financial point of view, but also as a source of mental stability. It is important, however, to “disconnect” from the online environment. You can do this by allocating time for a discussion with those close to you, a hobby, a physical activity or, why not, a short outdoor outing – in the yard of your own house or, if you live in a block of flats, in areas as free from congestion.

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