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Bachelor in Missions


Bachelor in Missions will guide you through the major theological themes in the mission ministry and contextual cultural learning. 

  • Format: 100% Online
  • Total Credits: 120 Credit hours
  • Time Required: 1-Month intensive courses at your own pace
  • Grading Scale:
    P Pass 60-100%
    I Incomplete 50-59%
    F Failed 0-49%
  1. Submit your online application of enrollment at this link
  2. Submit a valid copy of your valid High School diploma or GED to admission@alphauniversity.education
  3. Agree with all Terms and Conditions
  • Transfer up to 75% or up to 110 credit hours for courses with a grade of C- or higher
  • Transfer Life Experience Credits of up to 36 credit hours
  • Take the Experiential Learning Course Exams designed to help you finish up the program

$ 00 – Free Undergraduate Tuition
$150 – Undergraduate Program Fee
$ 69 – Transfer per Credit Hour Fee
$ 95 – Technology Fee (per course)
$145 – Prospectus/Thesis Review Fee
$ 95 – Transcript Review Fee
$149 – Graduation Fee

UNIV 101 Introduction to Online Learning
EDUC 102 Principles of Education
EDUC 103 Global Education
COMM 104 Dynamics/Speech Communication
COMM 1005 Interpersonal Development
ENGL 106 College Composition
BIOL 108 Environmental Science
HUMA 109 Humanities

BIBL 140 Introduction to Bible
BIBL 141 Introduction to Gospels Survey
BIBL 140 Old Testament Survey
BIBL 141 New Testament Survey
BWVW 143 Biblical Worldview
BIBL 144 Christian Ethics
BIBL 145 Synoptic Gospel

PDEV 111 Professional Development
LDRS 112 Leadership Communication
LDRS 113 Strategic Leadership
MGMT 114 Principles of Management
ELSC 115 Essential Leadership Skills
CUGL 116 Culture and Globalization
PSYC 117 General Psychology
EDUC 163 Educational Leadership
EDUC 312 Transformative Pedagogy

PHIL 131 Critical Thinking
PHIL 132 21st Century Philosophy
PHIL 133 Existentialism
PHIL 134 Logic, Ethics, and Moral Values
BWVW 135 Biblical Worldview
ANTH 136 World Religion
CUGL 116 Culture and Globalization
ASTR 137 Exploring the Universe

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