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How to market a book on social media

Having a quick overview of exactly what you can do and how much time and effort each will take can help you better plan for your book marketing plan. Just because you wrote a new book doesn’t mean that your book is guaranteed to sell. Harsh? Maybe. But it’s true. According to most Publishing Schools, you first have to learn the truth before taking action. Even if your book is the next Great Novel, it won’t be a success if it doesn’t get into the collective conscious of the public.

Here is my recommended book marketing strategies and what you need for each in order to sell successfully your books.

Book Marketing PlatformWhat to do
Twitter– use appropriate hashtags, like #fantasywriter, #scifiwriter, #contemporarywriter, etc.
– post relatable tweets to increase shares
– engage by liking and replying to others
– search common hashtags to find your audience
Instagram– use appropriate hashtags, like #scifiwriter, #contemporarywriter, etc.
– post photos related to the content of your book
– engage by liking and replying to others
– ask questions in photos to increase engagement
– search common hashtags to find your audience
Facebook– create a page for yourself or your book
– post video content
– go Live to answer questions or discuss your book
– post blog posts supporting your topic/ideas/book
Pinterest– create pins linking back to your website
– repin content related to your genre
– create appropriate boards for your content
– optimize pins with keywords
– join group boards
– connect with others who pin similar ideas
LinkedIn– great for business-related topics
– share insights/stats
– share blog posts supporting your ideas/topics
– connect with leaders in your industry
Personal Website– create a website
– maintain a blog with posts about your main topic
– use this to create an email list
– keep this updated regularly

Source: Genesis University

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