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How to rebuild a better marriage than a new one

If God were to show us in advance all the things that are going to happen in our lives, we would certainly begin to have palpitations and negotiate with Him to change the course of our lives. Under no circumstances could we believe that we will survive such difficult circumstances. The death of a loved one, the infidelity of the life partner, the loss of all the material goods we have. It would be more than we can comprehend with our limited minds. Because of this, He does not show us these things. Instead, He gives us the grace we need to go through these things when they happen to us.

Have you ever been there? In that place where your life changes completely in just a few hours or minutes? You start your day normally, following your daily routine, certainly expecting you to meet the things you normally encounter one day, when suddenly BAM! Nothing is the same and everything is different.

If you have had a betrayal that made you want to die or if you have a marriage that has turned you into nothing more than roommates, please find hope during the next six days of this plan. But you have to make an effort. It is not enough to just want healthy action.

You have to take action. You have to go through the pain and difficulty, through the sacrifice and discomfort that will be present during the journey. Pastor Craig Groeschel says, “Often things that no one sees result in things that everyone wants.”

Hope seems hard to find sometimes. Maybe it’s because we’re not looking for her. We do not find it in material things or in people. But we find it in the One True God. The Creator of the Universe. Our father. Let us seek Him as we have never done before, both on happy days and on brutally difficult days. Because He is always near, and never, but He will never leave us.

Moment of reflection: Where is your marriage? Would you give it a high grade, a low grade or a medium grade? Discuss this with your partner and assume something you want to do from now on to change your marriage for the better.

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