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Master Of Christian Education

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Christian Education

This Master program is a 36-hour program designed to train Christian educational administrators and teachers. 

  • Format: 100% Online
  • Total Credits: 36 Credit hours
  • Time Required: 1-Month intensive courses at your own pace
  • Grading Scale:   P Pass 60-100%   I Incomplete 50-59%   F Failed 0-49%
  1. Submit your online application of enrollment at this link
  2. Submit a valid copy of your prior university to admission@alphauniversity.education
  3. Agree with all Terms and Conditions
  1. Transfer up to 75% or up to 27 credit hours for courses with a grade of C- or higher
  2. Transfer Life Experience Credits of up to 12 credit hours
  3. Take the Experiential Learning Course Exams designed to help you finish up the program

$ 00 – Free Graduate Tuition
$195 – Graduate Program Fee
$ 89 – Transfer/Credit Fee
$395 – Technology Fee/course
$155 – Prospectus Review Fee
$155 – Dissertation Review Fe
$ 95 – Transcript Review Fee
$149 – Graduation Fee

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