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Remembering Christmas

Making Room. It feels crowded, doesn’t it? The stores. The calendar. Our hearts. Even before stepping one foot into December, we’re already overwhelmed. There wasn’t room for Jesus either on the day of His birth. If only the innkeepers had realized who was knocking at their door. But instead of a comfortable bed and sanitary accommodations, Jesus’ mama labored, probably screamed (hello, no epidural), and delivered the King of all kings into highly dusty conditions. Instead of a knit blanket in a plush bassinet, she wrapped him in strips of cloth and placed him a manger—the equivalent of an animal’s feeding trough.

There wasn’t any room, but room was still made.

So before we get lost in the hustle and bustle of the season, before we busy ourselves with hanging lights, icing cookies, and wrapping packages—before we’re scrounging for the funniest white elephant prank or cooking the perfect dish for an office party… before we forget, let’s remember to make room.

In this Bible plan, we’re intentionally pushing pause and purposely creating space to remember the true meaning of Christmas with our minds, relationships, time, bodies, and resources.

We can go through the motions without mentally showing up and mindfully worshipping Him. We can fake-smile our way through feasts without making amends with the person who’s hurt us. We can check everything off the to-do list without making time for the One who created us. We can attend all the parties and eat all the sweets and burn both ends of the candle without considering how Jesus would actually want us to celebrate His holiday. We can purchase and package the perfect presents, but forget the most important gift of all.

Basically, we can forget Christmas IN THE MIDDLE OF CHRISTMAS.

Thankfully, it’s not entirely hopeless. Making room starts with aligning our perspectives to His, which is what we’re doing right now (great job kicking off Day 1)! And just because this time of year often feels crazy and crowded, it doesn’t mean our lives and souls have to be. Whether everything’s going pretty well for you at this moment or you’re facing the greatest pain and uncertainty you’ve ever known, I encourage you to make room.

Do you realize who’s knocking at your door? The innkeepers didn’t have the gift of hindsight, but we do. It’s the Word who became flesh. The One who left heaven to redeem earth. The Savior who’s able to make all things new.

And if messy, imperfect circumstances didn’t stop Jesus from coming into this world back then, nothing will stop Him from entering yours today.

If Jesus was to physically join you for Christmas, what would you do differently? Start with this simple prayer: Jesus, help me make room for you. Help me remember Christmas.

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