Philippians, more than any other Pauline epistle, reveals insights into Paul’s situation, commitments, and background. Paul spoke candidly to his strongest supporters. He explained the situation at Rome and how his imprisonment caused mixed reactions in the church. He thanked his dear friends for their financial and prayer support and urged them to continue in

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Follow Me

Jesus said, “Follow me.” And the journey ahead would change everything. So that’s where we’ll start too: following Jesus. Our plan is simple. We’ll read two Bible books. First we’ll follow Jesus’ story in the Gospel of Mark; then we’ll talk about our story in the book of Colossians. In Mark we’ll see what it

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Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day sometimes feels like an eroding monument to simplicity and Biblical values, standing tall amid the prevailing winds of entitlement and discontent. Shopping ferocity manhandles sentimentality, and most Americans probably feel more thankful one month later, rifling through presents and splurging on gift cards. These are my opinions, and they are certainly debatable. My

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